Don’t Let a Leaky Sprinkler Erode Your Landscape

Don’t Let a Leaky Sprinkler Erode Your Landscape

Call Ramirez in Canyon, TX serving Amarillo, TX for irrigation system maintenance

If your grass is waterlogged or your sprinkler heads sputter when your system comes on, you can count on Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers to fix your irrigation problems.

Our landscapers have the skills needed to inspect your sprinkler system thoroughly and repair any issues. We’ll check the water pressure, heads, pumps and moisture level of the soil to determine the best steps to take to give you a lasting repair solution.

Get a free estimate on sprinkler system maintenance in Canyon, TX and Amarillo, TX right away.

Trust licensed landscapers to test your backflow device

Water from your irrigation system could be polluted with fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. Make sure the runoff from your sprinkler system isn’t contaminating your potable water supply with licensed testing services from Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers.

Our lawn care specialists will conduct a thorough test on your backflow system to make sure it’s protecting your fresh water.

Schedule an appointment today for backflow device testing from Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers in Canyon, TX serving Amarillo, TX. We’re also your best choice for landscaping, sprinkler installation and lawn maintenance services.