Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers Serves the Canyon, TX & Amarillo Area

Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers Serves the Canyon, TX & Amarillo Area

Reliable Sprinkler System Installation & Solutions

Save time, money and water with a sprinkler system installed by Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers. Our team relies on decades of experience to design and implement a sprinkler system that conforms to the needs of your landscape.

We’ve been installing irrigation systems for Canyon and Amarillo, TX area home and business owners since 1994.

Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers offers:

  • Automatic systems
  • Wi-Fi controlled systems
  • Backflow device installation
  • Underground systems

Call 806-656-0207 right away for a free estimate on sprinkler system installation.

An efficient watering system is just a phone call away

Sprinklers are perfect for hands-free watering and ensuring your lawn is watered at the optimal time. Start reaping the rewards of a sprinkler system at your home or office by hiring Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers for installation services.

Our landscaping professionals will keep you fully informed throughout the installation process and complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Schedule an appointment with Ramirez Lawn & Sprinklers today for sprinkler system installation in Canyon, TX serving Amarillo, TX. We also maintain lawns, repair sprinklers and install landscape features.